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News Release
Date: April 2003
For Release: Immediately
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LMC Introduces New Press Systems
Net Shape Forming and Blanking
DeKalb, IL, November 2003 -- LMC Inc. is one of the estimated 900 companies participating in FABTECH Chicago 2003 being held during November 16-19, 2003 at McCormick Place South. LMC is exhibiting in Booth 21085. LMC will be exhibiting their new SIP100F Forming/Blanking press system, the SIP50A tube cutting press which utilizes LMC's patented floating/fixed mandrel system, and the SIP15A to cut blanks up to .125" at rates up to 1000 parts per minute.

LMC will be exhibiting, for the first time, The SIP100F Forming/Blanking Press System for the net shape forming and blanking of virtually any tensile metal. The SIP100F is able to produce formed parts up to 70 per minute and blanked parts up to 1800 per minute. The system utilizes the patented adiabatic process technology which allows for the impact of the ram to the tooling at velocities of 10 to 100 meters per second. This shock impact creates a high concentration of heat to the work area with minimal dissipation of that heat to the tooling. This heat will break down the bonding between the molecules causing the metal to flow into the die cavity. Parts are formed to its net shape or blanked to qualities exceeding that of fine blanking.

In October 2001, the company was selected by Research & Development Magazine to receive their internationally coveted R&D100 Award for the development of the 'Cutting and Net Shape Forming' process. Unique to the process is its ability to generate ram speeds which only explosive energy sources can achieve. The forming process allows for parts to be completed without any contamination below the surface of the metal and without any oxidation into the part. Grain structure remains uniform.

Also, LMC will be exhibiting the SIP15 which will cut to .125" (3mm) at cycle rates up to 1000 parts per minute maintaining length tolerances at +/- .001" (.025mm). Also, the line of cutting presses are expended with the SIP25 will cut to .250" (6mm) at rates up to 500 ppm at +/-.0015" (.037mm), the SIP50 will cut to .500" (13mm) at rates up to 350ppm at +/-.002" (.05mm) and finally the SIP100 will cut to 1.00" (25mm) at rates up to 225ppm at +/- .0025" (.070mm). Diameters up to 4.00" (100mm) can be cut on LMC's other larger press systems.

Blank quality is consistent and high quality. The ends are virtually burr free, smooth, minimum pull down, and without crack formations or work hardening. LMC's process is extremely energy efficient utilizing a mechanical design that can save up to 90% electrical costs in its operation. The system requires minimum floor space, and is easy and clean to operate with no recyclables.

LMC provides manufacturers with complete turnkey systems. Systems can include hitch or servo feeds, in-line draw units, bar feeders, roll straighteners, and oscillating or stationary rotary arbor straighteners to maintain straightness after heat treat.

The LMC press systems utilize an extreme velocity ram that impacts the tooling, and in less than a millisecond creates an adiabatic effect (extreme heat without transfer) in the metal at the point of separation. Ram speeds accelerate up to 100 meters per second. Process cost savings is realized because of the improved product quality, material savings, lower energy costs, lower labor input, extreme tooling die life and high cycle production rates. LMC is considered the world's foremost authority in Adiabatic Manufacturing Technology.