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Welcome to LMC, Inc.
Manufacturers Worldwide Rely on
LMC's High Velocity Adiabatic Impact Technology

LMC's Patented
HVAI Technology

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LMC's Patented
HVAI Technology is:
  • Exceptional High Quality end cuts.

  • High Speed, High Volume production.

  • Tight Length and Volume Tolerance unheard of in high volume production.

  • Extreme Tooling Life with millions of cuts between sharpenings.

  • Environmentally-Friendly process with no disposables and no recyclables.

  • Consistency and Reliability in the first steps of your manufacturing process.

How Your Company Can Benefit  From LMC's HAVI Technology!

  • Increased profits!
  • Better quality cut parts.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Reduced operating burden.
  • Reduced per-part labor costs.
  • Eliminate or reduce second-operations needed to clean up the cut ends.
  • Maximize usage of your metal.
  • A cleaner work environment

Industries Currently Benefiting From the Adiabatic Advantage

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Construction Supply
  • Automotive
  • Bearing
  • Steel
  • Aerospace
  • Fastner
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Consumer Products
  • Power Generation
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas

LMC's Patented
HVAI Technology is NOT:
  • Wasted Material found in screw machines and abrasive saws.
  • Cracked or Deformed Ends that are the result of worn out shears.
  • Dull or broken saw blades, and the expense and downtime to replace them.
  • Kerf and all of the time and resources needed to dispose of it.
  • Multiple "second operations" needed to clean up the damaged ends.
  • The Environmental Nightmare you've been told is just a part of cutting metals.
  • A Constant Stream of Coolants that have to be stocked, recycled, separated, cleaned up and disposed of.

LMC SIP50D Press with Rotary Arbor Straightener and SIPCON Controller
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A level of quality that includes:
  • Burr-free ends,
  • Perpendicular end cuts
  • No crack formations
  • And minimal work hardening (approximately .0015" [ .038 mm])
Production Rates to
Meet Your Needs

The PPM rates for LMC's HVAI presses are "actual" rates in that the end cut qualities and length tolerances are held to stated specification even at our highest recommended production rates. There is no degradation of quality needed to achieve rate and no reduction of rate needed to achieve quality. For example, depending on length, the SIP15D is rated up to 1000 PPM, while holding tolerances to within .0015" (0.038mm).

With die change times of 15 minutes or less and complete tooling changes of 30 minutes or less, it is easy to understand why LMC's HVAI Presses have become our customers' competitive advantages.


Tight Length, TIR and

Volume/Mass Tolerances?

Whether it's for drill blanks that require near exact straightness, or cold forming blanks that require exact length (± .0015" 0.038mm]) or volume/mass tolerances (less than or equal 0.2%), LMC's HVAI presses are recognized as having no peer in cut end quality, production rate, and length, straightness and mass volume tolerances.


Pinching something until it breaks is not cutting .... it's a poor attempt at controlled destruction!

Before this cracked material became scrap, it was inventory and the customer paid a premium price for it. Now he's paying to have it removed.

You will never see this with an LMC HVAI Press System.

Bad Math - 11 inches of material equals 10 one inch blanks

With every cut from every saw or screw machine, material is lost to scrap. Worse, yet, it takes your valuable manufacturing time to turn this expensive inventory into scrap.

Premium costs at the beginning of the day: Scrap prices at the end of the day.

No more need to stock expensive blades, and no more time lost to replacing dull or broken blades. In fact, LMC's HVAI Press Systems may well be your scrap man's worse nightmare.

What can you expect for end cuts when you use saws and shears? Burrs, rough cuts, oval ends and the expense and time needed to clean them up for production.

LMC's HVAI Press Systems provide clean cuts with controlled perpendicularity, and no crack formations; as a result, second operations are minimized if not eliminated.


Kerf?    Not with LMC's HVAI Press Systems.

Sure, it's hard to believe you can get quality end cuts with out producing any kerf. But no LMC customer has ever had to haul a load of kerf away from one of our machines. They never have and never will. Why? Because our adiabatic process does not destroy material in order to cut it.


Extreme Tool Life

It's not uncommon for our customers to get millions of cuts from a single set of dies before the set is worn out, or to get up to a million cuts between sharpenings. This extreme die life is due, in large part, to the adiabatic process where the actual amount of die-to-material interface is minimal when compared to standard cutting systems.

It should be noted, however, that every operation has its own demands, and die life is dependent on such variables as:

  • handling and storage
  • maintaining a supply of recommended lubrication to the dies
  • stress-relieving the dies
  • and following the recommended sharpening technique

Environmentally Friendly

The environment, today, is becoming more and more of an issue for manufacturers. Disposal costs not only effect profitability, but modern manufacturing managers recognize their social responsibilities. Contributing to a cleaner environment is one of those responsibilities.

LMC Presses have been "green machine" from the very beginning.

  • No coolants
  • No kerf
  • Minimal scrap
  • 15% of electrical usage compared to typical cutoff systems


Consistency and Reliability?

Can you rely on your current cutoff system or supplier to provide you with blanks or billets that ensure consistant quality and reliability in the initial phase of your production system?

Customers worldwide who use  LMC's HVAI Press Systems enjoy the benefits of:

  • Burr-free ends,
  • Perpendicular end cuts
  • No crack formations
  • Minimal work hardening
  • Exact length and volume/mass tolerances



LMC, Inc., developed and patented the only true adiabatic process used in the working of metals; and today, we are considered the world's foremost authority in High Velocity Adiabatic Impact (HVAI) technology.

We engineer and manufacture a complete line of HVAI presses to straighten and cut wire in solids and profile stock from coil or bar. We also manufacture and market a complete line of HVAI blanking presses that exceed the quality and press rate found in conventional fine blanking press systems. Both the HVAI Cutoff Press Systems and the HVAI Blanking Press Systems produce high quality parts from virtually any tensile metal in its cold state.

As the demand and cost for material and energy continue to rise, LMC's patented adiabatic press systems are quickly becoming the preferred choice for high volume cutting and blanking.


With Controller and Inline Roll Straightener
with Rotary Arbor Straightener and Dual Servo Feed