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The Adiabatic Phenomena in Powder Compaction and Net Shape Forming

LMC is committed to further development and application of the adiabatic processes in manufacturing. As world-wide competition for resources and customers continue to increase, the need for more innovative ways of moving and forming metal grows at an equal, if not faster, pace.

Two areas of growth in industry that are driving Adiabatic Process R&D are Adiabatic Net Shape Forming and Adiabatic Powder Compaction. Customers who have come to realize that it is time to change the way they manufacture their products have turned to us to co-develop HVAI Equipment and Processes for their specific manufacturing needs.

HVAI Net Shape Forming:
Adiabatic Net shape Forming is showing great promise because at extreme speeds, we have found that it is possible to move metals in its cold state into complex shapes without producing micro-cracks.
  HVAI Powder Compaction:
Adiabatic Powder Compaction allow manufacturers to compact virtually any metal powder into complex configurations at a 94%+ compaction rate. The final product can then be produced at significantly reduced sintering temperatures and speeds.