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News Release
Date: August 2003
For Release: Immediately
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Gordon D. Goranson
Tel: 800-884-6183

LMC Expands APM Process Center for Straighten and Cut
DeKalb, IL, August 2003 - LMC has announced the expansion of its operations for the straighten and cut of solids, shapes and tubing. In 2001, LMC opened it first APM Process Center, a division of LMC, for the purpose of supporting companies in the production of precision blanks from virtually any tensile material utilizing exclusively the LMC patented line of Adiabatic (extreme velocity impact) Press Systems for the straighten and cut of wire from .040" (1mm) through 1.00" (25mm). LMC offers customers the ability to reducing process costs with improved blank quality.

The APM Process Center now expands to its own building in DeKalb,IL utilizing 15,000 square feet. Capabilities include the operations of multiple units of the four standard press systems that will cut solid round or shape coil or bar stock and tubing using the LMC patented fixed/floating mandrel system from virtually any metal in its cold state.

Blank quality is consistent and high quality. The ends are virtually burr free, smooth, minimum pull down, and without crack formations or work hardening. Unique to the operation is that all the LMC press systems are considered environmental friendly and utilizes minimum electrical consumption. The presses clean to operate with no recyclables.

The LMC press systems utilize an extreme velocity ram that impacts the tooling, and in less than a millisecond creates an adiabatic effect (extreme heat without transfer) in the metal at the point of separation. Ram speeds accelerate up to 100 meters per second. Process cost savings is realized because of the improved product quality, material savings, lower energy costs, lower labor input, extreme tooling die life and high cycle production rates. LMC is considered the world's foremost authority in Adiabatic Manufacturing Technology. Introduced in the 1980's, LMC's process technology has extended to net shape forming, blanking and powder compaction.