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News Release
Date: October 8, 2001
For Release: Immediately
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High Cycle Precision Cut Off of Tubing and Solid Blanks
LMC Introduces New Products
DeKalb, IL, October 8, 2001 -- LMC Inc. will be one of the estimated 750 companies participating in FABTECH International 2000 to be held on November 14-16, 2000 at I-X Center in Cleveland OH. LMC will be exhibiting in Booth 1059.

Adiabatic Process Manufacturing, the most efficient method known for the high speed, quality production in the cutting of steel and other materials, can also NOW be utilized for the cut-off of tubing. The production of tubing can be accomplished on all standard EXCALIBUR Press Systems, manufactured by LMC, with the addition of the mechanical mandrel system consisting of both floating and fixed mandrels. When utilizing a SIP100 Press System, diameters up to 1.325" can be cut with a total cross section area of up to the equivalent of a 1.0" diameter solid (.785 square inches). Tubing is cut clean with square burr free cuts on ends.

LMC introduces their new SIP25D Adiabatic Press and their new Oscillating Rotary Arbor Straightener that provides 1/4" (6.4mm) diameter cut offs at cycle rates exceeding 800 ppm. Cut-off or fracture times are less than a millisecond. LMC will be demonstrating their new press system that can cut precision blanks from rounds, shapes or tubing stock supplied from coil or bar. This turnkey press system will include their Rotary Arbor Straightener, Power Infeed and Payoff Uncoiler. The new Straightener provides straightness of .005" TIR per foot and the entire system will provide length variations of less than +/- .001" which will be maintained regardless of overall length of the part. Specific mass volumes are maintained. Manufacturers have been able to eliminate post-production inspection. CPK results can be expected to significantly improve. The process also allows for the elimination of secondary machining such as end-grinding and deburring.

LMC standard presses cut diameters from .060" to 1.00" (1.5mm to 26mm) and stock up to 4" (100mm) has been cut on specially designed presses. There is theoretically no limit to the size of metal bar or tubing that can be cut. Cycle times of 3600 parts per minute can be achieved on LMC's SIP15 Adiabatic Press designed to cut diameter stock up to 1/8" (3.2mm).

LMC's mechanical system meets all the conditions for Adiabatic Softening in most metals to include low and high carbon steels, stainless, brass, copper, titanium, aluminum and more. Regardless of the metal, the process works the same. The LMC Adiabatic Press Systems dramatically increase quality consistency, increase productivity and cycle times, allow for the reduction of floor space and allow for reduced maintenance. The Presses are designed to maximize energy levels, production rates and flexibility. This technology will eliminate the drawbacks of the conventional methods in the production of metal blanks. LMC also provides roll straighteners, coil handling, chamfering units and pointers.

LMC, the foremost authority on Adiabatic Technology for metalworking manufacturing, is recognized worldwide for its precision cut-off of blanks from bar stock, coil and tubing. Work continues by LMC in the engineering and design of press systems to enhance the future development of adiabatic technology. These new applications for manufacturing have been developed with patents pending on both the new processes and tooling. This efficient adiabatic technology in the metalworking industry will increase part productivity, quality, and be very cost effective.

The APM Process Center, a division of LMC, with their facility in the Midwest provides a Cut Off Service where LMC will use their production facilities and provide manufacturers with blanks of any shape from tubing, standard bar stock, coil, extrusions, etc. to their specifications.

The Company has been providing the LMC Adiabatic Technology to manufacturers throughout the world since 1980 from its manufacturing facilities in DeKalb, IL and Cortland, IL, both west of Chicago.